Date Time Title Tickets
09/02 7pm Artist Den Presents Alt-J
09/09 7:30pm How to Change the World Live Premiere
09/14 7:30pm Nerdist Presents: The Hive
09/15 7:30pm Doctor Who 3D: Dark Water/Death in Heaven
09/16 7:30pm Doctor Who 3D: Dark Water/Death in Heaven
09/20 2pm TCM Presents PSYCHO
09/20 7pm TCM Presents PSYCHO
09/23 2pm TCM Presents PSYCHO
09/23 7pm TCM Presents PSYCHO
09/24 7pm Lincoln Center: SF Ballet's Romeo & Juliet
09/28 8pm Just Let Go
09/29 8pm Roger Waters THE WALL
10/01 8pm RiffTrax Live: Miami Connection
10/06 7:30pm RiffTrax Live: Miami Connection
10/08 7pm This is Winter Jam
10/11 12:55pm Bolshoi Ballet: GISELLE
10/15 7pm NT Live: Hamlet (2015)
10/25 2pm TCM presents DRACULA (1931)
10/25 7pm TCM presents DRACULA (1931)
10/28 2pm TCM presents DRACULA (1931)
10/28 7pm TCM presents DRACULA (1931)
11/15 12:55pm Bolshoi Ballet: Jewels
12/03 8:00pm RiffTrax Live: Santa and the Ice Cream Bunny
12/05 12:55pm George Balanchine's The Nutcracker
12/06 12:55pm Bolshoi Ballet: Lady of the Camelias
12/10 7pm George Balanchine's The Nutcracker
12/15 7:30pm RiffTrax Live: Santa and the Ice Cream Bunny
01/24 12:55pm Bolshoi Ballet: Taming of the Shrew

Date Time Title Tickets
10/03 12:55pm Trovatore
10/07 6:30pm Trovatore ENCORE
10/17 12:55pm Otello
10/21 6:30pm Otello ENCORE
10/31 12:55pm Tannhauser
11/04 6:30pm Tannhauser ENCORE
11/21 12:55pm Lulu
12/02 6:30pm Lulu ENCORE
01/16 12:55pm Les Pecheurs De Perles
01/20 6:30pm Les Pecheurs De Perles ENCORE
01/30 12:55pm Tunadot
02/03 6:30pm Tunadot ENCORE
03/05 12:55pm Manon Lescaut
03/09 6:30pm Manon Lescaut ENCORE
04/02 12:55pm Madama Butterfly
04/06 6:30pm Madama Butterfly ENCORE
04/16 12:55pm Elektra
04/20 6:30pm Elektra ENCORE
04/30 12:55pm Roberto Devereu
05/05 6:30pm Roberto Devereux ENCORE


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